Palmer Ph.D. Candidate In the Running for ALA President

Dr. Loida Garcia-Febo, a candidate for Palmer’s Ph.D.  in Information Studies, is in the running for president of ALA. Dr. Garcia-Febo’s message to her colleagues states: 

Dear colleagues,
As ALA President I will work together with all members for an association that will be the leading advocate for libraries while maintaining our core values, will build partnerships with value-sharing organizations, will have a place and voice in Congress, state senates, city councils, and school boards, particularly for those with no voice. We will advance concerns focused on our commitment to public education, intellectual freedom, diversity, and professional development.

Libraries are pillars of public education. Libraries change lives in every community in our nation. Our strong value system propels us to create new ways to help children read, assist job seekers, support first-generation college students, and connect battered women and children with shelters. Today, thanks to our work, libraries remain the true bastion of intellectual freedom, privacy, democracy, diversity, public good, professionalism, and social responsibility in each one of our communities. Given the threats we face to these core values, we cannot afford to stay on the sidelines. These are challenging times, but in the midst of these changes, I am confident that together, we can bring change to impact public policy, benefit our communities and our profession!

Best of luck to Palmer’s own Loida Garcia-Febo!