Palmer Information Sessions

Learn more about Palmer at one of our upcoming information sessions! The dates are…

At Post: (see for details)

In Manhattan: (6 – 7 pm in NYU’s Bobst Library)

Dec. 8

Invitation to Palmer Students

The Palmer School is excited to announce that we are expecting a visit from our professional organization, the American Library Association, for continued accreditation, on October 5, 2015. The faculty and staff of the Palmer School are preparing a Plan for the Program presentation and are embarking on a self-study of all the components of the Palmer Program. We would like to invite students to join us and serve with faculty on various committees to give their input as we review:
Mission, goals and objectives
Student experience
Physical resources and facilities

In addition, we are forming a Student Advisory Council whose task will be to review the Palmer experience and advise the faculty on student issues.

Please let Dr. Baaden know if you are interested in joining with the faculty on this endeavor. We really need your input as the work we do here at Palmer is for you as you embark on a career as a librarian, information specialist, or archivist.

Contact Dr. Baaden ASAP by emailing her at: or calling her office at 516 299 3818 if you have any questions – and if you will join us as we review the Palmer “experience.”

Thank you – and I hope to see you all soon!

Dr. Bea Baaden
Palmer ALA Liaison