Palmer School Information Sessions

The world of information calls! Learn about the LIU Palmer School’s master’s degree in Library and Information Science, offered here at NYU’s Bobst Library at 70 Washington Square South; at LIU Post in Brookville, Long Island; and in Brentwood, Long Island on the campus of Suffolk County Community College.

Palmer School spring term information sessions are scheduled for the following dates:

Thursday, April 24: Brentwood Campus, Sagtikos Arts and Science Lobby, 3 – 7 p.m.

Tuesday, May 6:  Palmer Manhattan, NYU’s Bobst Library, 6 – 7 p.m

There is more information on our program here!


Your LIU ID Cards


Every student at LIU is issued a Long Island University photo ID card. The LIU Card serves many functions at both the LIU Post and LIU Brooklyn campuses. It can be used in the Library, Computer labs and also the Gym. Dining purchases are also available at both campuses tax-free for students. You can add money to your LIU Card for food purchases with our electronic fund deposit machines located in the main cafeteria areas on campus. One of the new features available to the University community is the ability to place funds on your LIU Card through e-Accounts using your Blackboard account.

In addition, your LIU Card serves as your library card. To use any of the library facilities, including the book stacks and computer labs, you will need to present your card; you will also need it to take out books from the library.

If you live on the Post campus, your LIU Card serves as the key to the main entry of your residence hall. If you are visiting a resident student you will need your card to be granted access from the front desk. The LIU Card serves as your official identification as a student of Long Island University. You are required to show it whenever asked by any member of the LIU Campus community.

LIU Cards are not exchangeable! This means that your friends and relatives cannot use the card to make purchases, take out books, or get into buildings. If someone else uses your card and is caught, the card will be confiscated immediately. Be careful – replacement of a confiscated card costs $25, and after the second confiscation it will not be returned.

If you attend classes at the Post campus, you can obtain your LIU card by going to the Public Safety office located in the Facilities Services building at the northeast corner of the Campus. If you attend classes in Manhattan, please see the Program Director for information on how your ID card will be issued.

If you lose your LIU Card, you can deactivate a lost card and you have the ability to reactivate the same card if it is found before your replace it, through your Blackboard e-account. You can also contact Public Safety at 516 299 2222 to have the card cancelled. (If you do not cancel the LIU Card, it could be used by someone else to get into a building, buy food, or take books out of the library). Non-residents can also call Public Safety at extension 2222. There is a $25 fee for a replacement card; you have the option to pay at the Bursar or have Public Safety bill your account for a replacement card. If you decide to pay at Bursar bring your receipt to Public Safety to receive a replacement card.

Department of Public Safety, LIU Post

Public Safety Fall 2013 weekend schedule, LIU Post:

Saturdays from 10am to 2pm: September 7th , October 26th, November 9th , December 7th

*Please note these hours are only valid when classes are in session

Did you know?

Did you know that we keep copies of course evaluations at all of our locations? If you need help deciding on a course, drop by and read some comments from students who have previously taken the course. The concentrations page on this blog fully describes our concentrations and their recommended/required courses.

Fill out an advising worksheet to help track your progress! Page 2 has course recommendations for Archives and Records Management and Rare Books and Special Collections.

If you want general advice on which courses are best to take based on your current interests, please make an appointment with an advisor!