Forms and Procedures


Financial Aid: 

  • FAFSA and financial aid
  • NYU Employee Discount Form
  • Post financial aid forms, including summer loan adjustment form
  • LIU Loan Adjustment Form 2015-16 If you are going to need loans for summer classes, you will need to fill out this form.You should check off summer AND fall (you cannot apply for loans for the summer semester only unless you are graduating). This will mean that you will have to apply for spring loans in the fall when you register for your spring classes, so you’ll need to fill out this form again then. By the way, this is the form you would use if you wish to decline, reduce, or cancel loans, too.

Incomplete (Request for):

Independent Study (Request for):

Leave of Absence (Request for):

Master’s Project:

Master’s Thesis:

Medical Leave of Absence:

Transfer of Credits:

Rare Book School


Transcripts, Graduation, Certificate: 

Find more at the LIU Post Campus Website Forms & Documents page