Personal Enrichment / Visiting Students / Auditors

Thinking about dabbling a bit in the world of information? Check out our fall schedule for classes like Archives and Manuscripts, Tech. Services and Operations (offered at the Met Museum!), Genealogy, Building Digital Libraries, Great Collections of NYC and many others– online and in person.

Many of our courses, from the fields of rare books, archives, public librarianship and technology, are popular among auditors so start exploring!

Palmer classes are open to students who wish to audit classes (no credit) for personal enrichment or take a class for credit. They may do so by completing the Graduate Personal Enrichment/Visiting Student form listed under ‘Graduate Students Applying for Admission’.

  • Auditors pay half tuition (approximately $1800) and although no credit is granted, the course is recorded on the official LIU transcript. Auditing students are not required to submit assignments or other materials.
  • Visiting or personal enrichment students who wish to earn credit for a class pay the standard LIU tuition and will receive a grade and three credits.

For more information on the program or specific classes, please email Alice Flynn at