WISE Online Courses

Thinking about doing an online course? Try a Web-based Information Science Education (WISE) course! For details on how to enroll in one of these courses, read on!

What is WISE?

The Palmer School is part of a consortium of Library Science schools offering online courses.  This consortium is called WISE (Web-based Information Science Education). As a member of the WISE consortium of schools, we can offer a variety of WISE online courses to our students.  These online courses are taught by faculty from WISE host schools using course management systems specific to their environment and academic calendar.

WISE courses afford students the opportunity to take electives of interest at other WISE schools, exposing them to a wide array of faculty and students, without having to transfer credits.  Students should note the varying delivery methods and academic calendars among WISE schools.

Leading schools in the information field have gone outside the classroom to extend their reach to broaden the educational opportunities for students. The WISE consortium uses advanced technology as a means to enrich one’s education and foster relationships among students, faculty and universities. The vision of this initiative is to provide a collaborative, cost-effective distance education model that will increase quality, access, and diversity of online education opportunities in Library and Information Science.


Why be a WISE student?

  • Students have the opportunity to access distance education courses through WISE member schools that have met quality bar in on-line education.
  • WISE students have access to ten times the amount of special topics and electives as compared to non-WISE schools. For example, a student interested in digital libraries may access expertise from a wider base of faculty and research than may be normally available within their home school.
  • A professional who is working on their degree will have greater flexibility in scheduling and have a multitude of options when considering specialized topics.
  • The WISE student will have the ability to select from a wide array of online courses, regardless of their location, and take courses with faculty who are highly regarded in their area of expertise.

How will I know what WISE courses are being offered?

  • There is a website for students to refer to for all information related to WISE courses.  This site is www.wiseeducation.org.
  • The LIU student login is: liu-student, and the password is: temp. Go to ‘log in’. (f you just hit enter, there is sometimes a problem) and then go to “Browse classes”.   You can see the courses by selecting “view classes”.

How do I register for these classes?

  • If you decide that you want to take one of these classes, please discuss it with your advisor and then you will submit your request to register through that same site.  Do NOT write directly to the instructor of the course. S/he cannot help you with registration. You need to follow the procedures on the site and submit your request directly to WISE. WISE will notify us of your request in order to confirm your eligibility.
  • Once we’ve confirmed that you are eligible to take the course, the people from WISE check to be sure there is still space in the class, let us know that, and then we register you for the class.
  • The process won’t begin for approximately two weeks from the time you’ve selected a class. Please be sure to confirm on your MyLIU account that you are registered for the class before the start of the semester!

How many WISE courses can I take?

  • The WISE courses meet the same standard as transfer credits– you may take a total of six WISE credits (two courses) during your time at Palmer.

When can I register for a WISE course?

  • Dates vary from term to term.
  • You can apply to register for a class once we notify you through KIOSK and this blog that registration is open. Students will be assigned to classes by the WISE organization, and requests for late registration will be honored if space is available.

Will the entire course be on line or will I have to go to the campus offering the course?

  • The WISE schools are scattered all over the country, and many courses do have a residency requirement. You can ascertain this by clicking on the ‘details’ link for each course and scrolling through the information. There are no exceptions to the residency requirement, so please bear this in mind when considering courses that have this requirement.

Does Palmer offer any courses to the WISE consortium?

  • We have offered classes to the WISE consortium over various semesters in the past and will continue to do so when possible.

Is there an additional charge for WISE courses?

  • There is no additional charge.  You will be billed as usual by LIU for credits taken.

How will I be credited for these courses?

  • At the completion of the course, the professor will submit grades to the Palmer Dean and those grades will be input by our Registrar. Your course will show up as an LIU course on your transcript.

What does it mean to be a WISE school?

  • WISE member schools have met a bar of providing high quality education in information science and are committed to furthering distance education excellence through collaboration.

WISE Participating Schools

For more information, please visit the WISE website at www.wiseeducation.org.