Teaching at Palmer Manhattan

Welcome! We hope this page will be a helpful resource for those of you teaching at Palmer Manhattan. Following are the basics about ordering texts, reserves, accessing your MyLIU account, getting into the building and office, the classrooms, etc. Please let me know if you have other questions. Thanks and thank you for your efforts!

Accessing Bobst:

Your name will be on a faculty list at the privileges desk to the far LEFT when you enter Bobst. They’ll give you a sticker for your LIU I.D., or, if you don’t have one of those, they’ll give you a pass good for the semester. If you don’t have an LIU ID and would like one, just let me know when you could stop in to have your picture taken.

Our offices are on the 7th floor of Bobst, room 707. I am here Monday through Thursday, usually until about 6:30 p.m. We have a faculty/staff office that you are welcome to use when you’re here. There are two computers, and you have access to the copier. I will send around the door codes as the semester approaches.


The classrooms we use are in two places: lecture classes meet in the Avery Fisher Center (AFC) on the 2nd floor of Bobst. The EAST room is to the left after you enter the first set of doors, past the stairwell; the WEST room is to the right inside the second set of doors, tucked into the corner.

Classrooms have computers, overhead projectors, and can play DVD’s and VCR tapes. You do not need a password to use the computers.

Classes that need the use of computers meet in the PC rooms, PC 1 or 2, on Lower Level 1, one level, as you suspect (!) below the lobby.

PLEASE NOTE: If for any reason you are not going to meet your class you should contact me ASAP. The people in Avery Fisher like to know when a classroom becomes available.


If you are requiring a text, please be sure to send me all information on that text when I ask for it (usually just a month or so before the start of the semester). I will need the title, author, edition, and ISBN if possible. We order texts through the Barnes and Noble on 18th and Fifth Ave. We also suggest to students that they look online.


For NYU reserves, please confirm availability through Bobcat and then request that it be put on reserve through this link: http://library.nyu.edu/services/reserves_faculty.html.


You will have a box in the Palmer Manhattan office and it will be the central location where essential materials can be picked up.


Of course, we’re trying to cut back on copying and paper use, but we know that sometimes it’s just necessary to use hard copies. We would be happy to do your copying for you. It would be best if you could get your work to us in advance of the semester’s start since we like to have the bulk of the copying done at Post. Just email the original to me and we’ll take it from there. Any last minute copying can be done right here in the office. Unless otherwise instructed, we will copy back-to-back.


It is very important that you activate your MyLIU account before we get too far along into the semester so that we are aware if there are any problems well before it’s time for you to file your grades.

If you have taught for us before, you should be able to go into your MyLIU account and see your roster. You’ll also be able to explore Blackboard, which many more of you are using for readings, assignments, etc. It has proven to be a very handy tool. For information on using Blackboard in your class, please see the following:it.liu.edu/Info-Tech

If you have not taught for us before, you will have to have signed a contract before you can get into your account. Once you have signed the contract, you need to fill out this e-mail account request form and send it, along with the copy of a photo ID, either by email to brian.tomlinson@liu.edu or by fax to him at (516) 299-4171.


Please be sure to send a final copy of  your syllabus to alice.flynn@liu.edu. Note that your syllabus must include the information here.


For instruction on how to submit grades, please see the following: How To Submit Grades (PDF). Please look that over if you need a refresher or haven’t taught for us before. If you have any problems, contact Brian Tomlinson—either through his email (above) or at (516) 299-3636.

Important! Students will not be granted a grade of Incomplete unless it is approved in advance by the Dean, Dr. Garii. Please see this form for details on the policy:
This is a change so we ask that you stress to students that there will be no grades of Incomplete given except in extreme cases.


At the end of the semester (or at the end of your course), you will need to distribute and collect the student evaluations. There are two forms: the Palmer form (sample) and the University form (sample) (requires bubbling with a pencil). The University form is the only official form that we will collect. If you do the Palmer one, it will strictly be for your own use. They will be in your mailbox towards the end of the semester. If you need them ahead of time for any reason, please let us know! You should ask a student in your class to distribute and collect the forms. It is suggested that this be done once you’ve left the classroom, usually done on the last day of the course. The completed University forms could be left in my mailbox here in the office or in the inbox outside the door of the suite.