Palmer School Forms and Procedures

Incomplete (Request for):

Independent Study (Request for):

Leave of Absence (Request for):  Leaves will be granted for future terms only.  This means that students withdrawing mid-semester would merely be processed as a withdrawal using the typical withdrawal form; if they need to take the following semester off then they would file a leave application for that semester.

There will no longer be a separate Medical Leave of Absence process.  Students withdrawing mid-semester due to medical reasons will merely withdraw; any appeals for a reduction/waiver of tuition liability should be submitted per the usual process.

Graduate students only need dean’s approval for a leave prior to submitting the form:

Master’s Project:

Master’s Thesis:

NYU Full-Time Employee Discount 

Transfer of Credits:

Rare Book School

Waiver Request for LIS 514, Intro. to Research in Library and Information Science

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