The Dual Degree

Most academic research libraries require their librarians to have not only the MLS degree, but a master’s degree in a particular subject area as well. NYU and LIU Palmer offer qualified students the opportunity of selecting one of dozens of major programs from NYU’s Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS), and from the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Developmentstudents may select the master’s degree in either Media, Culture and Communication, Food Studies or Costume Studies.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the dual degree is the mentoring program which is specifically designed to train future librarians who aspire to be subject specialists in academic and cultural institutions. For students who hope to work as an archivist, an information officer in a specialized library, or as a library generalist, it might be possible to design an internship in an appropriate setting outside of Bobst. Meetings with the mentors of the program will help determine the direction your individual program will take. All students are assigned a mentor from NYU who works with them and guides them throughout their time in the program.

Be sure to check with your intended program at NYU to confirm your ability to participate in the dual degree. Students graduate with two separate degrees: the MA or MS from NYU and the MSLIS from LIU.

Please see these sites for further details:

Dual Degree Program LIU/NYU and Prospective Dual Degree Students

The Outcome:
Graduates of the dual degree have gone on to research, cultural, and corporate institutions of every kind. See some examples here.

The Curriculum:
LIU’s MSLIS — 28 credits  (please also see Dual Degree Advising Worksheet)
Core Courses (4 courses = 12 credits): (Core courses are required and are offered in person yearly in Manhattan and online once each year.)
LIS 510 Introduction to Library and Information Science (3 credits)
LIS 511 Information Sources and Services (3 credits)
LIS 512 Introduction to Knowledge Organization (3 credits)
LIS 514 Introduction to Research Methods in Library and Info. Science (3 credits) ***Please note that if you have had a graduate course in research methods (teaching methodology) you might be able to have LIS 514 waived, freeing you to take an additional elective. You would still be required to take the three credits. To apply for that waiver please complete this form: LIS 514 Waiver Request.
LIS 785 Mentorship (4 credits)
Strongly suggested:
LIS 516: Collection Development (3 credits)
LIS 606: Information Literacy and Library Instruction (3 credits)
Electives (2-4 courses = 6-12 credits)

NYU’s MA/MS — 24+ credits in the following programs:
Dual Degree Program, NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science
Dual Degree Program, NYU Steinhardt School Media, Culture and Communication
Dual Degree Program, NYU Steinhardt School, Costume Studies
Dual Degree Program, NYU Steinhardt School, Food Studies

Mentoring Component
The mentoring component of the dual degree differentiates it from any other program of its type. The actual mentorship course (LIS 785) is part of the LIU curriculum and replaces the Internship class (LIS 690). It is 4 credits and students are registered for it in the first semester.

New dual degree students are assigned a mentor from the ranks of the NYU librarians and archivists, and occasionally from other cultural institutions. Your mentor is selected by the dual degree faculty based upon your interests and your program. Our goal is to give you guidance, instruction, and support through a collegial network of professionals. There are specific benchmarks that students must reach to complete the mentorship which is graded as a pass/fail course. All dual degree students are expected to participate in a one week orientation prior to the start of the fall term. The grade for the mentorship (LIS 785) will be incomplete on your transcript until you finish the mentoring program and your mentor submits a letter of completion for you.
For more about the mentoring program, please see the Mentoring Program.

Application and Admission (step 1):
Students must be accepted to both Palmer and NYU. Although LIU has rolling admissions, those hoping to join the dual degree must be admitted to Palmer no later than May 1; NYU has specific deadlines so please check with your intended NYU program for all application requirements and deadlines.

LIU Admissions
 Note: If you intend to take classes in Manhattan, please select ‘Post– Brookville Campus’ on the online application. Palmer Manhattan is part of LIU Post, so once admitted, students may take classes in Manhattan, at Post or in Brentwood. No need to specify the particular campus at the time of application.

Please scroll to the ‘Application Instructions’ link found here.

NYU Admissions

Applying for participation in dual degree program (step 2):
After acceptance to both universities, students must apply to be part of the dual degree program.Students complete the application for the dual degree program indicating his/her goals in participating in the dual degree. These goals are taken into account during the student/mentor matching process. Supplementary materials, outlined on the application, should be emailed to Amy Ingrilli. Once students have completed the application to the dual degree and sent in their supplementary forms, they will be notified about their placement in the program. The deadline to apply to the dual degree program itself is June 1.

Please note that students who have already earned more than six Palmer credits (two courses) are no longer eligible for participation in the dual degree; totals earned at NYU prior to starting in the dual degree are usually not restricted.

Financial Aid/Scholarships
NYU is the home school for financial aid for dual degree students:
Dual Degree financial aid process (be sure to read about in-school deferments if you are carrying loans)
**LIU Palmer Consortium Agreement 2018-2019
**Students must complete the FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid in order to receive federal loans, scholarships or aid of any type.)
LIU FAFSA school code is 00275
NYU FAFSA school code is 002785

The Palmer School and Bobst Library contribute yearly to a dual degree student scholarship which is divided among new dual degree students for their first two semesters. Scholarship amounts differ from year to year.

Financial aid contact:
LIU Post:

NYU: Please cc all three:
Thomas Zimmerman at

Additional Palmer scholarship and financial aid: see this page.
Check with your NYU academic dept. for other aid opportunities.

Completing the degrees:
Students must initiate a transfer of credit from LIU to NYU and from NYU to LIU.
Palmer accepts 8/9 GSAS or Steinhardt credits.
Request NYU official transcript
Fax/mail/scan the Request for Transfer Credit form to at Palmer Post. The fax number is 516 299 4168. NOTE: transferred credits will not show on your LIU transcript until you have successfully completed 15 credits at Palmer. These are the only credits you may transfer into LIU.

GSAS accepts 8/9 Palmer credits. Students must:
Request LIU official transcript once they have completed the 8/9 credits and grades have been posted;
Submit the Graduate Transfer Credit Request through your NYU department

Steinhardt accepts 8/9 Palmer credits.  Students must:
Request LIU official transcript once they have completed the 8/9 credits and grades have been posted;
Complete a Graduate Transfer Credit Request form with an advisor’s signature and submit it to Steinhardt Student Affairs, Pless Hall, 2nd Floor

Graduation Information: File separately to graduate from each individual master’s degree program:
LIU Graduation Information
NYU Graduation Information

See where some of our dual degree grads are now!

Please contact Amy Ingrilli if you have any questions.